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Princess ALL THE WAY!!

I am truly having so much fun turning these gorgeous girls who are not toddlers or babies anymore but haven't quite hit teenage hood yet (thank god!!) into PRINCESS's.

Every little girl secretly wishes they were a princess or famous. My aim was to make these little girls feel special. Young girls these days are subjected to music videos, magazines and social networks of famous/celebrities who advertise sex because hey sex sells......hmmmm I don't think that is the case for young children.

I don't believe that a child needs to be sexualised to feel noticed! My aim was to let them be a child and let them live out their fantasy of being a Princess.

I brought an array of beautiful ball gowns and met these young girls in the city where we had fun dancing in the dresses and talking about how cool it would be to live in a castle. The kids were excited and felt amazing, on lookers even waved or tooted the horn making the girls feel like celebrities.

Not all girls wanted to be princess's some dressed in rock style clothing and became Urban Chic models. Geelong has amazing Art work and it was something we could really utilise. The colours just made the girls POP!!

Every little girl has a dream and we help make them come true!!

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