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Top 10 tips for the bride getting ready

Brides Getting Ready

These are a few things to keep in mind when you are having your photographer there when you are getting ready for your wedding.

1. Choose a location/home/hotel that has alot of natural light as this makes for great photographs.

2. Choose a makeup artist & hair stylist that can come to you.

3. It is lovely to get shots of all the important details and when we first arrive we will take photos of your dress, shoes, jewellery, garter, flowers, gifts for the wedding party, anything that you want us to capture. Please ask someone in the bridal party to make sure these things are easily accessible for us so that nothing will be missed.

4. Have a plate of nibblies & water for you and the bridesmaids. No one wants to passout at the ceremony.

5. Make a list of things you need to take to the ceremony.

6. Allow at least an hour for getting the bride ready in her dress if she has a lace up back. These lace ups look slimming and are stunning, but they take time to lace, especially with freshly done finger nails, one tip is to use a small safety pin on the ribbon which makes looping through the holes easier.They need to be laced evenly and will as a rule need at least two tightenings to get it right, this job alone can take a fair time. Even before the bridal gown is put on the bride may need a hand with her under garments if she is wearing a corset. Remember to apply her perfume & deoderant before the dress.

7.It is also advisable to try to hide all non-wedding items so there is no clutter in the room that will show up in the background of the photos. If possible there should be a large mirror available, again it helps if there are not a lot of unnecessary items around the mirror, especially if it is a dressing table mirror.

8.PACK AN “EMERGENCY KIT: Always have an emergency kit at the ready to solve any potential problems- you might not think anything will go wrong, but it can and often does. I’ve witnessed the bride’s shoes breaking, ripped wedding dresses, makeup, tan & wine stains moments before heading out the door, beads coming undone on veils, massive headaches and no pain-relievers… it happens! Have one of your girls have this kit (in a cute bag!) on her at all times- you never know when you might need it! Include things like baby wet wipes (you would be surprised the stains they get out)scissors, tweezers, mints, travel size deodorant and hair-spray, stain stick/pen, tissues, clear nail polish, sewing kit, duplicate of the bride’s lipstick/gloss, Bobbie Pins, tape, a pair of sandals, and Pain Relievers.

9.Invest in some cute little pieces - ie Bride coat hanger, special letters or a photo of you and your bridesmaid when you were younger to give as a something special to your bridesmaids, little handmade labels for your something old borrowed and blue.

10. Have a great play list going and dance, sing & just have FUN!!!

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