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Chelsea & Nathan's wedding

How did your husband propose? It was a Saturday afternoon and we were sitting on our bed reading. I was about to go out to a 1st birthday party, so was just killing a couple of minutes before it was time for me to leave. I was just getting ready to get up and go when Nath comes out with 'I want to talk to you about something, but I'm not really prepared.' Since I was about to leave, I was a little impatient and I told him that if he needed to talk to me he should do it quickly before I had to leave. He looked over at me, and said very quickly 'Will you marry me?' My response was, are you serious? Then when he nodded, of course I said yes. Nice and simple, but spur of the moment which I loved as well. We went ring shopping in the days after that.

How many months/years after did you get married? We were married just shy of 12 months after we got engaged.

How did you choose your reception venue, photographer, florist, ceremony location? Our reception venue we found online. I had been skirting out a few, and Barwon Edge was the only one that really stood out to us once we had received all the emails with packages from various places. Neither of us had ever been there before, but we decided to go and have a look after the friendly emails from Ben, and also the competitive prices. As soon as we walked in and chatted to Ben we had decided that that would be it. The photographer choice was all mine. I had liked Kari's page on facebook years previously, and had always told myself that she would be doing some photos for me one day as I was such a fan of her work. I didn't make any appointments with anyone else but Kari, and as soon as I met her I knew that I would be booking her in as soon as possible. Our florist was Smellies, which we chose as my friend had recently gotten a job there. She was going to do my flowers from home, but since had started working at Smellies, so we booked through them instead. The ceremony location was the hardest to find, as we needed somewhere that would cover us from the rain and wind given we had a winter wedding. The Beach House was one of many on the list, and in the end it came down to it being in a convenient location to the reception center, but also close to a potential photo place.

What sort of style of Photography were you after for your day ? All I wanted was something fun and natural looking. I didn't want only the traditional posed photos, I wanted the fun and happiness of the day captured,

Where did you get your dress and describe how it looked? My dress came from Bridal House in Geelong. It was a beautiful A-Line dress, with a sweetheart neckline, strapless. There was diamonte detailing under the bust. The bust also had ruching on it, which then fell down into a soft wavy skirt. It was also a lace up back, and an off-white colour.

DId you have any dramas on your day that could have been prevented? No dramas at all.

What was the funniest thing that happend on your day? There were a couple of funny moments. I think the funniest would have been when Nathan messed up his vows and said 'laugh at you', instead of 'laugh with you.' There were also plenty of funny moments watching the boys try and jump for photos, and also when I accidentally up-ended an entire tray of beer onto the floor at the reception.

How did you feel when your saw your husband at the end of the aisle ? I was overwhelmed. The million thoughts every day that I had had of that moment all came rushing into my mind. I was so happy to be there, laughing at his nerves, but mostly so overcome with emotion that I couldn't stop the tears! It was the happiest moment of my life so far seeing him there waiting for me.

Who was your celebrant/priest? Michelle Lothian, an old friend I met through work.

Did you have any special touches that you added on the day? We had plenty. Nath wore a rose as a 2nd buttonhole to signify his Nan who had passed only days before the wedding. The otehrbutton holes were handmade by me, in a style, steampunk, that Nath is a fan of. We had a Lego wedding cake as Nath loves his Lego. We also had a periodical table seating plan, as well as Erlenmeyer Flasks as centerpeices as Nathan has recently completed his doctorate in Science. We also had elephants as our place card holders, as I am mad for elephants, and we also had Harry Potter font on the place cards as I am a mad keen Harry Potter fan.

Anything further you would like to add? Just wanted to put a big thank you out there to you Kari! We had a fantastic day and part of that was because of you. Neither Nath or I much like photos (I much prefer to be behind the camera, and he just hates them!), and you made the phot process of taking the photos fun and easy. We weren't stressed or anything, or concerned about anything you were asking us to do. A massive thank you from both of us, and you will have our continuted business in the future!!

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